Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Duet in rehearsals continue......

“I am suggesting nothing. I just want to hear what you feel.” –Dr. Alfred Feldmann, p. 3 – Session I

Stopping back into rehearsal, I was able to sit in on a full review of act one. Both Michael and Jacque were doing very well getting off book (having their lines memorized) for a quick definition for those who are not familiar with theatre lingo. Being able to come back and see act one after a few days was insightful and interesting to see how the arc of the play and character development has grown. I’m very interested in seeing how act two is coming along because I have not seen any of it other than hearing the first read through when rehearsals began.

I’ve continued to notice the understanding and growth of both multiple sclerosis and the importance of music, both to Dr. Feldmann, and especially, Stephanie as characters and how these two topics affect their lives in the present and future. Finding out how an individual deals with a loss as large as Stephanie does, is very relatable to all human beings. Watching the dynamic of both characters handling a loss and how to live with that is not only something dealt with on the stage, but also in each of our lives. The key is acceptance. Once that key has been internalized, progress through the present to find the next step is usually going to occur naturally.

I’m looking forward to seeing the full run of the show on Sunday for a designer run. This is typically when the show is still in the rehearsal process and all the designers are welcome to witness what has been discovered and if there are any new challenges that need attention. Look for more coming on Sunday!


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