Saturday, February 13, 2010

Duet in Tech...

Greetings! The last few days have been very busy for everyone involved in DUET. On Thursday, the Skylight shop completed installation of the set in the studio theatre, sound equipment was set up for the next few days of tech, and many of the props, dressing, and furniture was placed on the set. It was the final rehearsal for the actors and stage management in the rehearsal hall, which is always exciting to move into the theatre. In my opinion, the set is very nice to look at and Rick, the scenic designer, did a wonderful job with the painting of the floor and walls!

Friday too was a busy day! The lights were all focused after being hung on Thursday. Jan, the lighting designer, was able to write some cues throughout the show and Chris, sound designer, worked on setting sound levels for music and sound cues. Meghan finished some more touch ups on furniture and dressing. The actors had rehearsal for the first time yesterday on the stage and took some time in the beginning to merely get ‘spacing’ and an understanding of what the world is now with walls and the real furniture. After that, they ran the show and Paul, the director, was able to watch from a variety of seats in the studio theatre to make sure every audience member would be able to see everything based on their blocking from the rehearsal hall.

Today, costumes were loaded into the dressing rooms in the basement of the theatre. It was also the official start to tech where all the designers, director, backstage crew, and support staff were in the theatre watching a run of the show while adding all technical elements: lights, sound, costumes, props, scenic. Sometimes in tech, the designers and actors find many challenges that need to be worked out and sometimes it goes really well with few decisions to be made. It all is based off of how many decisions have been made within the last year of planning the show. The business will continue until opening night, February 19!


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