Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Lion in Winter - TECH

Hello! My name is Allie Bonesho and I am extremely fortunate to be playing Alais in THE LION IN WINTER, which opens on Friday, April 14 in the Cabot Theatre! I am a junior, Theatre Arts major at Marquette University and have loved every second of my experience with MCT! From working with seasoned professionals and actors I have admired to re-telling James Goldman’s classic story, the experience as a whole has only increased my desire to pursue a career as a professional actress!

It is Sunday, April 10, and we just finished our final run-through of our 10 out of 12 TECH and the weekend has sparked even greater excitement and anticipation to hear the response from a live audience! The costumes are beautiful and the set’s vastness and depth creates a phenomenal stage picture in the Cabot Theatre. Today started with hair and make-up and we continued to run light and sound cues. Judy’s organization as stage manager and Michael’s remarkable vision made the collaboration with the costume, lighting and scenic designers run smoothly!

After we finished a cue-to-cue, we took a dinner break and Tim Braun (who is understudying Geoffrey and Philip along with serving as MCT’s marketing intern) and Kelsey Lauren (who is understudying Alais and previously served as MCT's marketing intern) went to Milwaukee Public Market and reviewed notes for a Nutrition exam and Theology class.

Following the dinner break, we got in costume again and did a run-through of the show. The run went well and we stopped for any safety concerns regarding entrances and exits that needed glow tape, costume adjustments, and any light/sound cue issues. Following the run, Michael gave us notes and Judy confirmed our schedule for Tuesday.

Throughout the rehearsal process and our TECH this weekend, I have been amazed by the level of professionalism the MCT staff and technicians of the Broadway Theatre Center bring to all that they do! I would not trade any moment of this process and no words can express my gratitude to all involved! I am excited for opening and to hear the laughter of a live audience to the story of a witty, dysfunctional, but loving family!

That’s all for now, I will try to write again soon! Good night! :)