Friday, October 8, 2010

do you know where you're goin'?

Hello MCT blog-world!

I can hardly believe MAIN-TRAVELLED ROADS is officially one week from opening! Time certainly flies when you are doing what you love most in the world, especially when you have the support of such a wonderful team. When I accepted the part of Aggie about one year ago, I thought that fall of 2010 was eons away, and here we are about to head into tech week after a great rehearsal process.

My experience at MCT is unlike anything I have had the opportunity to experience. From the initial audition and throughout this entire process I have felt so welcomed and at home with the MCT family. Everyone is so genuinely invested in creating something special and I feel blessed to share this experience.

I’ve learned a lot in rehearsals, from the scene work to charming music. The most challenging aspect of the show so far has been learning the “air piano.” There is a certain scene in which I get to play an imaginary piano in space, and let me tell you it is not as easy as one might think! Unlike jamming out on an air guitar, (a skill that many can claim they have mastered) “air piano” requires acute concentration and precise execution of finger placement. I gave up learning piano at an early age, a decision I regret as I prepare my “air piano” debut. However, I have the advantage of getting to play with the awesome Scott Haden during the scene, so I’m not too worried. Wish me luck. :)

I recently heard a writer on NPR say something to the effect of “At the very end, life is the story you tell.” This idea made me so excited to be apart of MAIN-TRAVELLED ROADS and have the opportunity to share Hamlin Garland’s touching stories. At our first reading, Michael said these stories were 'old world Wisconsin.' I grew up visiting Old World Wisconsin on school field trips, where I could live out my Little House on the Prairie dreams. This play reminds me of those stories I fell in love with as a little girl and live out the make-believe world of a simpler but more difficult time.

More about Garland’s stories later…which everyone should read! They are fascinating and it is so great to see how Dave Hudson translated the stories to the book/lyrics. I was surprised to see how much was taken directly from the text and how it adds authentic truth to the play.

Happy Friday! :)