Monday, February 15, 2010

Duet's Final Touches...

We’re into the final days before Opening Night! Sunday was another busy day of running the play with the designers around to keep their eyes open for any last minute changes and things that need to be repaired or touched up. I’ll give you a quick run down of the weeks major events. With the show being in really, really great shape, there’s not much to inform for last minute.

Monday is a day off for the actors and stage management. The shop worked on their list of things to do and complete.

Tuesday is the final day to review the show before a dress rehearsal with an audience. This will be another run of the show to take care of any issues that haven’t been yet. This is a typical moment in the process where just going through the play again and again is the most beneficial to solidify a great performance by opening night. Also, this is also when some publicity shots are taken for advertising and marketing.

Wednesday is a closed dress rehearsal for an invited audience only. These are beneficial for a variety of reasons, because it can tell the actors and director what worked and didn’t work based upon their reactions and feelings and thoughts at the end.

Thursday is the preview performance for a paying audience. This performance can technically be stopped at any moment if something horribly goes wrong. Typically everything is complete by this performance, but the company always reserves the right to stop.

Friday is the big night! OPENING NIGHT! This is the night the full run begins for four weeks! The show runs February 18 – March 14! Check out for the calendar and details for tickets.

This has been a very educational and wonderful opportunity to go through the process of working on a show without being incredibly hands on and more of an observer. I’ve been so involved that it’s hard to look at the process from the outside before. Producing a production is certainly quite an interesting feat many companies take on, and it’s just a unique beast to undertake for art. I hope you all get a chance to see the show and appreciate the many, many hours the many people have put in to make this show a success.


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