Sunday, February 7, 2010

Duet's Designer Run

“Because the purpose of life, Miss Abrahams, is life itself; yes, the very struggle to live itself.” – Dr. Feldmann, Session 5

Today, the designers and other select production staff saw a full run of the show after two weeks of rehearsal. Personally, I have only seen act one, so seeing the second half of the show was exciting. Act two is much deeper than the first in terms of the discussions and growth of complexity in the story. Dr. Feldmann offers lots of intuitive and psychological ideas to the struggles Miss Abrahams is facing. The interesting part that I took away from seeing act two was how universal the concept of struggling is to human beings. Not everyone in the world deals with a physical disease, such as multiple sclerosis or cancer or AIDS. But having their own personal struggles in life is what makes life living, as Dr. Feldmann says in the play. The good and bad are all what we as humans face. Being able to look into ourselves, find not only the confidence but support within and from others closest to us, is probably one of the hardest things we could deal with on a daily basis.

What Miss Abrahams makes us see, as many of us do in our lives, is sometimes we internalize our feelings and negative memories, until they are triggered by some sort of impulse, releasing all this information. This is a tip of the iceberg of emotions and psychological dilemma’s that are discussed in this play.

Get ready for an enlightening and moving play of finding one’s self confidence and support to live!

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