Saturday, January 30, 2010

Duet in Rehearsals...

“Music, Dr. Feldmann, is the purest expression of humanity that there is. Because, you see, it’s magic; but real magic, true mystery, not trickery.” –Stephanie Abrahams, p. 24.

Today, I sat in on the afternoon portion of rehearsal reviewing act one and witnessing a variety of discussions and collaboration. Some of these discussions include both very simple choices and more long-term on-going work.

For those who are not familiar with the rehearsal process in theater, the main objectives at this point in rehearsal is working the basic movement of the actors on stage as well as making sure this movement is not only appropriate for what is happening in the play, but also allows for all audience members on all sides of the stage to see the action. Along with keeping blocking in mind, alternate questions arise. Some of these include how the transitions between the sessions work. This turned out to be a greater inquiry, because in reality a number of things are happening in this moment. One would be how both actors exit the office to make a costume change for the next visit. The next would be having enough room in the back hallway to allow for Jacque to turn around the wheelchair to re-enter. Another discussion is who would be able to close and/or open the office door for the actors to return or exit. Among this entire transition, a sound cue of a solo violin Bach sonata is being played to cover the transition.

Rehearsals seem to be shaping up well as I left seeing a run of Act One. It sounds that Act Two will be worked on this evening and will continue to deepen and fine tune as needed. That's all for now...


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  1. Will be interesting to see how the work out the wheelchair problems with this play in the Studio Theatre