Tuesday, July 27, 2010

With remarkable frequency

Over the past week, Mr. Wooster, Mr. Bassington-Bassington, Mrs. Spencer-Gregson, Sir Rupert, Miss Winklesworth-Bode, and I have been running through the first half of our little skit, working out what seems to be called stage business along the way. We have run through the first half now a number of times, each time adding a small bit of action here or removing a bit there.

This afternoon we will embark on part two, wherein all manner of things go wrong before I am able to right them. I do hope at the end of all this I will be able to have a bit of rest and relaxation, though I suppose the only way to ensure that would be to find my way out of Mr. Wooster's service. Even on holiday, he has an incredible knack for finding himself in a scrape.


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