Sunday, July 25, 2010


What, ho! What, ho! What, ho!

Bertie Wooster, here! And I am so very pleased to be able to punch out a few tid bits into this little machine and share them with the entire planet.

One full week of hard work is behind us and I cannot stress more how tired this whole process has made me. I am currently sipping on a new whiskey concoction that Jeeves whipped up of his own making. The only thing left to do today is take my nightly bath, which Jeeves no doubt is drawing this very moment.

I wonder how Bassy is coping with the so very close proximity of his Uncle Rupert. My Aunt Agatha is a fire-breathing dragon, but ever since Sir Watlington-Pips found out that we would be performing a theatrical, he has been quite the handful. He seems to think, that in the process, Bassy will manage to disgrace his family name. He no doubt will, but after filling Sir Rupert up chock full of lies, he seems to be warming up to the idea.

I have finished my beverage, and Jeeves has just informed me that my bath is at the proper temperature. Somehow, he always times it out perfectly. I had better go.


-- Bertie

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