Friday, April 19, 2013

Jeeves in Bloom Poetry Contest!

Jeeves to the rescue,
Just in time-
I sure wish he was
A butler of mine.
- Vera L.

When Aunt Dahlia comes a calling,
When the "Bertie!" hits the air,
Jeeves has to go a looking,
For a Wooster behind his chair.
- Maureen V.

Summertime is a time for fun-
It keeps Jeeves and the players on the run.
- James R.

Wooster, Shire, Sauce?
But not quite a toss.
- B. B.

Matt Daniels has such style
In everthing he does-
Gown, tux, or gloves-
He's adaptable and versatile,
But when it comes to Jeeves,
His current starring rage,
He's such ablaze on the MCT stage,
The audience BELIEVES!
- Diane B.

Jeeves is the master
Wonderful and Competent
Saves the day again.
- G. C. (a haiku)

The gardens are blooming at Brinkley Court,
Jeeves is in line for
Miss Froggie's sortie.
- Anon.

Warm the sun,
Buzz the bees,
Let's all hide
Behind the trees.
Help Jeeves!

In the gardens of Brinkley Court
Gussie Fink-Nottle is quite a sport.
Jeeves intervenes
And it is quite a scene.

Bertie bumbles all;
Too busy and bemuse.
Jeeves juggles all,
Juxtaposed to always amuse.
- Linda S.

Dahlia's deep in debt,
Travers' stomach's upset,
Gussie's love life's bereft,
and Maddie quotes Juliet.
While Bertie's a drip
Only Jeeves is equipped
with the saving script
by the last curtain's set.
- Fred K.

You may be fun,
You may be jolly,
But Jeeves and Wooster
Are the cat's pajamas, by golly!
- Joe M.

There once was a pip named Myrtle,
Who dreamed of owning a turtle.
She pleaded with mum
To purchase her chum
But couldn't 'cause her demeanor doth curdle.
- Jen M.

Laughter grows in Brinkley Garden
And my verse - I beg his pardon
For I love his Jeeving
Thus I spend these acts of grieving,
At this time I take my leaving .
- Tom F.

Stardust's the thing
That offers eternal spring.
- Anon.

Bertie insists on having his way.
Then Jeeves reliably saves the day!
- Wade K.

Your erudition blooms
Through decades of rooms.
Smoking jackets and brooms
But, alas, you cannot hide
Your intellect large
In any backyard!
- K. H.

The springy showers are ever so sprinkley
As ere they hover so lovingly o'er Brinkley.
- Anon.

Matinee patrons one and all
Tiny women, none are tall
With umbrellas spring and fall
Better here than a shopping mall.
- N. C.

Does Jeeves make you giggle?
Is Bertie too silly?
A brand new wig 'll
Be charming and frilly
And make your toes wiggle.
- J. W.

Let the night's garden
Possess its secrets
Until all is resollved.
Sanity returns
And all realize
That Jeeves is in bloom.
- R. F.

Kudos and cheers for C. Michael Wright
For drama and stories, heavy and light
Exactly the thing for a Saturday night
With Michael the Broadway Theatre Center spright.
- Patricia S.

1 comment:

  1. Events rarely seem to go as planned,
    When Bertie employes the "iron hand".
    All is chaos with gunshots and whooping
    And even Madeline's tail is drooping!
    Jeeves alone can avert disaster,
    Although a servant, he remains the master.