Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ask Jeeves

L-R: Chris Klopatek as Bertie and Matt Daniels as
Jeeves in JEEVES INTERVENES (2010)
Matt Daniels returns to MCT to reprise his role as Jeeves after our 2010 production of JEEVES INTERVENES. He also appeared in MCT's A THOUSAND CLOWNS and AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. We asked him a few questions about  playing Jeeves again.
You’re reprising the role of Jeeves after appearing in JEEVES INTERVENES in 2010. What’s it like to revisit a character that you’ve already played, but in a new context?

It's interesting... This is my first time revisiting a character in a different play, though I have reprised roles in different productions of the same play. This time, since Tami and I had worked out a lot of who Jeeves is, and how he operates, it made it easy for me to just slip right in to the play. The challenges have come in working with a new Bertie (Chase is great, but we had to rediscover a lot of the schtick that Kloppy [Chris Klopatek] and I had created last time, in addition to finding some new stuff. Plus I had forgotten how many props I have to handle. It's a lot.

Any new challenges or unexpected surprises come up this time around? 

There are always challenges when approaching a new text, and for me the challenge is
L-R: Matt Daniels as Albert and
Thomas Kindler as Nick in
the same as it was the last time: finding the smoothness and the grace in Jeeves while there is such chaos all around.

What are some of the benefits and challenges of performing in such a comedic play?

Benefits: We are constantly making each other laugh.
Challenges: We are constantly making each other laugh. 

Matt Daniels as Phileas Fogg
IN 80 DAYS (2009)
Anything fun you’d like to share with readers about JEEVES IN BLOOM, rehearsals, etc? 

Keep a handkerchief count. 

What do you like about being a theatre artist in Milwaukee? 

I love the intimacy that we have - its such a small community that a lot of the work of ensemble building is done before we enter the room. Even if we haven't all worked together in this combination before, we've likely worked with one or another at some point and that makes it fun.

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