Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fight Captain and Deputy

Friends, Revealed: AEA Deputy Mr. Moses and Fight Captain Matty, surrounded by their loyal crew.

Any production which employs members of Actors' Equity Association, the union for American actors and stage managers, elects a deputy at the beginning of a rehearsal process in order to assure that union regulations are followed by the theatre and production process.  Jeeves' deputy is Norman.

Any production which has choreographed stage violence (stage combat) is well-served by having a fight captain, who is in charge of running all of the incidents of violence (fights) to make certain they are safe and tell the story the director and fight choreographer wish to tell.  Jeeves' fight captain is Matt Daniels.

The day after our fight choreographer, Jim Fletcher, staged the violence, Matt took a look as we ran each event.  It'll be his duty to make certain the fights are consistent when we reach the stage and to run those we need to run during a fight call prior to each performance.

It's above and beyond, the work both these gentlemen are doing.  In honor, Tami made Matt a badge (pictured on his hat) which said "Fight Captain."  Kat made Norman a Deputy star.

Then Tami challenged Matt to show up for his task in tights and a cape.  "Uniform," she declared.  "Just saying."

Challenge accepted, Matt appeared in the get-up you see above.

Off we go to tech rehearsal.  See y'all soon in the theatre!  (By the way, it looks beautiful.  Just on time for spring.)

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