Thursday, August 12, 2010

You may rely on me, sir.

Last night we completed our final practice session for our theatrical. This evening we shall endeavour to give it the first public performance.

Over the last week we have smoothly integrated the technical elements of the production, including adding lighting effects, timing the sound of the wireless, acclimating to the three-walled representation of Mr. Wooster's flat, and learning to change clothes much faster than any human should, by right, have to do. Our intrepid team of director, designers, stage managers and crew agilely navigated through the, I am told, sometimes treacherous waters of technical rehearsals, and we seem to be quite ready to share our adventures with an audience.

It is my sincere hope that ill effects of the revelling in which Messrs. Wooster and Bassington-Bassington no doubt took part following the rehearsal will have subsided by the time doors open this evening. If not, it proves lucky that among the very first actions I take in the presentation is the handing of a refreshing glass of Gentlemen's Relief to Mr. Wooster.

Remarkably, some things never change.


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