Saturday, August 14, 2010

Such Potential

Our little production of one of my exploits is finally open and ready for public viewing! It was ever so delightful to run around on stage in front of so many Americans. The show went off without a single hitch (even Bassy somehow managed to come away without a single blunder - his first time since we began this whole rigmarole) Even if something were to go wrong, I'm always assured knowing that Jeeves is right there with me. He certainly is quite the marvel. The audience was laughing the whole way through, and I think they rather enjoyed it! It's an honor to be working with my friends and family for the next few weeks (even though Aunt Agatha is a bit of a dreadful woman - always staring at me and judging my every move). This is only the very beginning of the process and I cannot wait to continue this romp. Unlike Bassy and myself, It has such potential.


- Bertie

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