Monday, March 31, 2014

An Interview with Marquette alum Alexandra Bonesho

Alexandra Bonesho
Alexandra Bonesho returns to MCT in LEND ME A TENOR. She made her debut here in THE LION IN WINTER in 2011 - while she was still a theatre student at Marquette University. Both "TENOR" and "LION" are MCT/MU collaborations - and she brings her past experience to this new collaborative production.

Tell us a bit about your character, Diana:

Diana is a fierce, driven, diva soprano who knows how to “work her assets” and use her sexuality in order to get what she wants. She has a distinct way of maneuvering her way through space while keeping her eyes on the target of making it to New York City.

What are some of the benefits and challenges of performing in a farce/comedy?

Performing a farce allows an actor to stretch his/her comedic instincts…one has to take risks in order to find a happy medium and moments that will play humorously to the audience. The challenge of farce lies in keeping characters rooted in reality. As performers, it is our goal to create real moments of vulnerability within our interactions on stage. Despite the fast-paced dialogue and movement, we have to discipline ourselves to move and interact realistically.

LEND ME A TENOR is a collaboration with Marquette University and you are one of several alumni involved with the show. When you were a Marquette student, you participated in a similar MCT / MU collaboration in 2011 with THE LION IN WINTER. Any thoughts you’d like to share about that experience? What is it like to be back at MCT?
Alexandra Bonesho & Brian Mani
Photo by Mark Frohna

Returning to MCT in another collaboration with Marquette University means a lot…THE LION IN WINTER was a wonderful experience that made it possible for me to interact and perform with actors I had admired for a long time. The experience furthered my aspirations and determination to pursue acting professionally. MCT creates such a welcoming, professional, and fun environment that it is really great to be back and introduce more Marquette performers to the MCT family!

Anything fun you’d like to share with readers about LEND ME A TENOR, rehearsals, etc?

I don’t want to give too much away…so I will just say this…get ready to laugh like crazy!

Thanks Allie! Looking forward to your return to MCT, April 10-27-

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