Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snack Table and Stumbling Through


Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Snack Table.

We were ready to finish blocking the play this afternoon.  In preparation, most of us in the rehearsal room wandered over to the Snack Table for the appropriate fuel.  I saw one of the last of the plantain chips.  Then I saw that there were pretzels sitting next to dark chocolate-covered edamame.  Bliss.  (Not to fear—there are Cuties and unsalted nuts and other healthy snacks on the table as well.  Saturday we were fed by the irresistible deviled eggs of Laura Murphy, Matt Daniels’ (Jeeves) mother-in-law.) 

On the first day of rehearsal, after our guests attending the read-through had left and the rehearsal room was left to our deck chief, stage manager, director, and actors, one of the first things Tami said was, “So.  Snacks.”  We took the note.  We heard it.  Every day there’s a new treat.  Healthy and otherwise, but always delightful.

We finished blocking the play.  I think the espresso beans and carrots got me through.


Today is our First run-through.

There’s a reason why they call running through the whole play for perhaps the first time a stumble-through.  We have one today.  It’s going to be an Everest for me.  I’m trying to assimilate everything at once about this world and story and character, you see.  Lines are actually the least of it.  We’ve run each act (there are two in the play) all the way through at least once, and during that time, the first time for each, you can be sure ALL of these questions were going through my brain simultaneously:

What’s my character after throughout the story and at any given moment? 
Where the heck do I move now? 
What viewpoint do I have on anything else happening to others? 
How did Norman ever get to be so hilarious? 
How did Matt just catch my coffee cup without me even noticing it was gone? 
Will I be able to walk this quickly in heels? 
Where the heck do I move now? 
How should I try to go about getting what I want? 
What’s on the Snack Table today?
I’ve completely forgotten where I move now, haven’t I?
Did I just thwack Chase too hard?
What will happen next?

Can’t wait.

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