Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Laura Frye

Laura Frye returns to MCT as Lisa Morrison in COLLECTED STORIES. She made her debut as Babe in CRIMES OF THE HEART last season. She recently relocated to Milwaukee after living in New York City for six years. A native of West Virginia, Laura has worked at theatres in NYC, Italy and across the US.

How would you describe your character Lisa? What are some of her key characteristics and motivations?
Laura Frye
Lisa is smart, caring and tenacious. The play takes place over the course of six years and you really get a chance to see her grow and mature, not only in her writing, but also in her own personal growth. She is motivated by her love of writing and her need to distance herself from her past. I think it's safe to say she has abandonment issues and is searching for the companionship she was missing in her youth. I've fallen in love with her and feel so blessed to get to tell her story.
Talk about the benefits and challenges of being part of a two-person cast. How has your experience been in COLLECTED STORIES?
It's great being able to build a strong relationship with your partner on stage. With only two people it makes this job even easier. I've really been able to dive deep and figure out who Lisa is and who she becomes by the end of the play. Daily we get a chance to keep exploring these two characters and their relationship with each other. It's been such a blessing to have that time - which isn't always the case when working with large cast. It also makes learning lines easier, because the dialogue is so conversational.

It's not without it's challenges. Right now in the rehearsal process, we are starting to run the show. I forgot what a marathon it can be. . .my favorite type of marathon.

This has been an amazing experience. I love being back at Chamber. Also, working with Sarah Day has been incredible. I've learned so much by watching her in the rehearsal process. I'm in awe of her work in this play and I know everyone will love watching her Ruth.

What are some of your favorite moments in theatre that made you who you are today?
Georgina McKee and Laura Frye (right)

I've been so blessed to work with amazing actors, whether they were my peers or more established artists. I am always learning and studying my fellow actors. They've taught me so much and all of them, in some way, have contributed to who I am, as an artist, today.

My favorite moment would have to be when my three-year-old cousin came to see me in THE TEMPEST. After the show she came up to me and said, "Lala, that was the best movie I ever seen." She may not have understood the difference between stage and screen, but Shakespeare had left a huge impact on her that day. I love that.
If you were to personally spend a day in Greenwich Village (where COLLECTED STORIES is set), what would you do?

I lived in NYC for the past six years, so I can definitely tell you my favorite things to do while in Greenwich Village...usually it dealt with food. If it's summer I will definitely be getting a Sno-Ball from Imperial Woodpeckers Sno-Balls and then cross the street for a slice of pizza at Artichoke Pizza. It's always fun to sit and listen to the student musicians in Washington Park. On a cold day I would head to Grey Dog Cafe and then take a walk down University Place to the favorite. The White Horse Tavern and Corner Bistro (located in West Village) hold a special place in my heart for many reasons, but mainly because they remind me of my NYC family and how much I miss their beautiful faces.

Thanks Laura! We are looking forward to seeing you in COLLECTED STORIES, Nov. 21 - Dec. 16! 

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