Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Collected thoughts from Sarah Day

Sarah Day returns to MCT as Ruth Steiner in COLLECTED STORIES. Last season, she played Sally Quinn in the world premiere of A THOUSAND WORDS. That production was also a collaboration with Forward Theater Company of Madison. Sarah is a founding member of Forward Theater Co., and serves on its advisory company. She has been a member of the acting company at American Players Theatre in Spring Green since 1986.

How would you describe your character Ruth? What are some of her key characteristics and motivations?
Sarah Day
 I would describe Ruth, as a talented and thoughtful writer, and a tough and demanding teacher. She loves language, and the written word. She loves stories. Reading them, writing them, and helping students become better by getting deeper and more specific with every line they write. You have to love a teacher like that.

Talk about the benefits and challenges of being part of a two-person cast. How has your experience been in COLLECTED STORIES?
 I'm loving working on this play. It's such a pleasure to be reunited with C. Michael Wright. He's a wonderful director and has such a great vision for this play. I'm also having a lot of fun working with Laura Frye. She's a very talented young actress. One of the great things about a two person show is that you never can be lazy. You have to be focused and "in the moment" every single moment. It's wonderful. So, when you go to sleep at night, you feel as though you've really done a good day's work.

What are some of your favorite moments in theatre that made you who you are today?
Sarah Day (left) and Georgina McKee
 I've been a member of the acting company of AmericanPlayers Theatre in Spring Green since 1986, and I think what I have loved the most about being a part of that, is how much I've learned from the audiences there. They are incredible. They listen, they are engaged. But they can only be as engaged as we (the actors, et al) are engaging. They are so supportive. At APT we always talk about raising the bar--to work at getting better, to challenge ourselves. All of that is for the audience. So, it such a pleasure for me to come into Milwaukee, to learn and grow from the audiences here. They are wonderful.

If you were to personally spend a day in Greenwich Village (where COLLECTED STORIES is set), what would you do?
Oh, I guess I'd spend a day in the Village, the way I'd be a tourist any where. Maybe spend some time in the Park, just people watching, then on to a great little restaurant, and then a play in a tiny little theatre. That sounds perfect to me.

Thank you Sarah! We can't wait for COLLECTED STORIES (Nov. 21 - Dec. 16)!

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