Friday, October 5, 2012

BROKEN AND ENTERED news and reviews

We have compiled BROKEN AND ENTERED media & reviews thus far conveniently in this post.  Click the gray links for the full reviews and feel free to comment.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
“‘to me it’s more a play about class’ than race” – Kurt McGinnis Brown interviewed by Jim Higgins 

Third Coast Digest
Q&A: Kurt McGinnis Brown on "Broken and Entered"
-Matthew Reddin

Wisconsin Gazette

"Kurt McGinnis Brown says 'The milieu in the play is not the milieu I grew up in, but by pushing my imagination in a certain direction, I can see what our family might have been like. That gave me something fun to play with in creating this world.'" - Mike Muckian

Click to Listen
Lake Effect's Bonnie North interviews playwright Kurt McGinnis Brown, director Suzan Fetee and actress Marti Gobel


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“terrific performances from all three members of director Suzan Fete's top-drawer cast.” – Mike Fischer

Third Coast Digest
"Brown has a gift for writing conversation, and the near-hypnotic dialogue carries you along” – Matthew Reddin

Milwaukee Magazine
a play that will leave you with much to think about” – Paul Kosidowski
“Bringing these odd characters to life are a trio of actors who are among the very best that Milwaukee has to offer.” –Dave Begel

Shepherd Express
"a fine ensemble of actors" - Harry Cherkinian

Post Script Performing Arts
“MCT debut Director Susan Fete conjures ambiguity from this cast with deft skill” – Peggy Sue Dunigan
Waukesha Freeman
Local playwright gets his shot
~Julie McHale 

Broken and Entered review
"playwright Kurt McGinnis Brown inserts an impressive amount of humor into the situation" -Anne Siegel

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