Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet Andrew Voss

Happy Fall!  We're excited to open BROKEN AND ENTERED next weekend!  Our cast has been wonderful to us by giving some insight about their journeys in the theatre and in their roles.  We hope you enjoy Andrew's thoughts!

What is it like working on a brand new play? And having access to the playwright, Kurt McGinnis Brown?

Andrew Voss
Doing original work is always a fun challenge.  It's almost like getting a list of ingredients, and when you put them together  you find out it's cherry pie!  (Cherry pie is my favorite! In case any of you are at opening night...I'm just putting it out there!)  It's a unique challenge to take someones story and bring it to life for them. Having Kurt available during rehearsals gives us a wonderful and unexpected reward.  

Much like a father seeing his newborn baby for the first time, I hope that Kurt will feel that pride and relief when he watches BROKEN AND ENTERED.

What are some key characteristics of Wally? Why?

 Wally is a dreamer, he is quick to run in the face of serious emotional conflict, and he is somewhat shallow.  Throughout our story he is on a mission to rebuild himself into a new and better person.

Describe one of your favorite moments in theatre. How has it shaped who you are today?

 In college I was in a play called MILL FIRE by Sally Nemeth.  I (Champ) was dying of horrible burns and had my clothes cut off as my wife (Abby White) helplessly watched. Until that moment I didn't realize the power of live theatre. The heaviness of that moment and the impact it had on me, my fellow cast members and the audience will always be with me.

Andrew Voss and Emily Vitrano in PICNIC (2009)
If your character could spend a day in Milwaukee, where would they go and what would they do?
Wally would go to the Milwaukee Art Museum and walk around because that is where people who are "better" hang out.  Also he would stop at the Miller Brewery tour, because he loves cheap beer!

Andrew returns after playing Hal in PICNIC while he was a student at UW-Milwaukee, as part of MCT's University Collaboration Series. He is a founding member of Youngblood Theatre where he has performed in SAVAGE IN LIMBO, RED LIGHT WINTER, DRIVE ME TO ARSON, MINNESOTA MOON and FLU SEASON. He has also performed with Optimist Theatre in MACBETH, TWELFTH NIGHT and THE TEMPEST.

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