Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Tech.....

Today is our first ten out of twelve. Which means we work from 11am -11pm, with a 2 hour break for dinner. Hence the term Ten out of Twelve.
We have been in the space for three days now, on a BEAUTIFUL set, with great lighting, and a really solid and at times chilling sound scape.
Walking into the space the first day and seeing this all white set was amazing. And then when any of the actors come out onstage - you literally cannot take your eyes off them. Any shred of color in costume just pops out against the white. It is truly going to be a beautiful.

And now it is a matter of us all getting used to playing on the set - used to the sound cues and the shifts, and making sure we are still telling the story. More on that a little later, Judy Martel just called us back from break.

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