Thursday, April 1, 2010

And we are on our way....

Today rehearsal starts at 5pm so I thought I would drop a quick line before heading in.
Last night we finished blocking the entire show. So now from top to bottom we have a frame work of how the show is going to play, and now, we are charged with the task of playing moments, and filling out the story.
I can say that personally, these next couple of weeks are key for me. I need this time to actually ground myself more within the world of the play and the life of my character. Solidifying choices, and sequences to help tell the story of Michael and Brian, but also to support the overall arc that the character of Dana needs to travel. As a supporting role in a show, it is always a fine balance I try to find. I want people to be engaged by my character and want to see more of them, but I also know that I cannot distract from what the story of the play really is. Whatever choices I make should help showcase, in this case, the story of Dana. The playwright has placed all of the characters into this story to serve a purpose, teach a lesson, form a choice, that will eventually lead Dana from the beginning of the play through to her final moment onstage.
And this is what makes the job of being an actor enjoyable and fun for me. To have that challenge of telling my own character's stories, while at the same time I am staying true to the author's intent.
On a similar note, I have decided since my character of Michael is going through rehab, that I too, as the actor, am going to stay away from alcohol for the run of the show. I know that some people may say that this is too 'method' - and that I should simply act the part... that I do not need to live that part of the life of the character. But I think in this case, it is a very important part of telling the story of Michael, as truthfully as possible. I have had several people in my life, who were/are addicts. To alcohol, to drugs. Some close, and some not so much.
For those people, it is a challenge to stay away from that addiction. I think it would do dishonor to them to play a character trying to recover, and turn around after the show and have a drink.
It may sound crazy, but as I mentioned before in an earlier post - acting and creating a character is, for me, a series of sequential choices that make up a man's life.
This is just one choice in that sequence.

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