Friday, September 28, 2018

Review Roundup: CHAPATTI

compiled by Carson Roufus

Christian O'Reilly's CHAPATTI tells a poignant, gentle tale of rediscovering the importance of human connection. Over its first week, critics have come to love this powerful story, and the way it's been told by actors James Tasse and Jenny Wanasek, and director Michelle Lopez-Rios.

We've compiled those great reviews below, so you can get a glimpse of what you're in for if you join us at the Studio Theatre. To get your tickets, visit us in person at 158 N Broadway, call 414.291.7800, or visit our online box office.

Jenny Wanasek and James Tasse as Betty and Dan in CHAPATTI.
Anne Siegel, Shepherd Express
"'Chapatti's' Intimate Look at Love and Loneliness"

"The intimate Studio Theatre is an ideal environment for this type of play, since the audience becomes riveted by the characters’ every move."

"Director Michelle Lopez-Rios brings the two characters together slowly, as if in a slow waltz, and each moment they are together charms more than the next."

Dominique Paul Noth, Urban Milwaukee
"Dogs, Cats and the Humans Who Love Them"

"one of the finest acting performances of the season"

"Tasse and Wanasek ... are consummate Milwaukee professionals whose knowledgeable physical and vocal skills are here at their pinnacle under the guidance of director/dialect coach Michelle Lopez-Rios."

"both the playwright and the actors merit your attendance"

Gwen Rice, OnMilwaukee
"Chamber's 'Chapatti' is a warm, heartfelt charmer -- even without its leading dog"

"at the end of this vignette, the audience feels his loss keenly, even though there is no dog ... There is only Dan, played by the remarkable James Tasse"

"Director Lopez-Rios sets a nice pace for the 90-minute show and lets the seriousness of the story seep in, while never allowing the characters to wallow in despair."

"a lovely production of a surprising and heartfelt play which should appeal equally to cat and dog people"

Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"In Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's 'Chapatti', a lonely man and woman muster courage to connect"

"This show depends on their ability to believably deliver O'Reilly's words, an Irish blend of the lyrical and the blunt, which they do."

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