Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting to Know Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves is playing the role of Sterling in our production of “Slowgirl”. Read on to learn a little bit about him and his character.  

Tell us a bit about your character, Sterling.
Sterling is a damaged soul. Thoughtful, introspective and very much alone in his jungle retreat, Sterling believes he is making a 'radical change' in his life; in reality, he is escaping. When his niece Becky arrives, it is an invasion. It's as if a wild animal has entered his space. It forces Sterling to face particular truths: Did he give up on his former life? Can he find peace? Sterling is a challenge to play (as all characters are) in that he often speaks in non sequiturs and fragments. He has lost some of his ability to communicate.

Peter Reeves in "Slowgirl"
Is this a relatable play for you as far as Sterling & Becky’s relationship goes? (Are you an uncle yourself?)
I am indeed an uncle several times over. As far as the Becky/Sterling relationship goes, it is a very different than anything I've ever experienced with my family. They haven't seen each other in nine years. That's a long separation. What happens during the week they spend together is incredibly intense and probably shapes each of their lives for a long time. So yes, I can relate in terms of the type of things that families share, both the beautiful and the ugly. But what these two wonderful characters go through is unique and a little foreign to me.

What is your favorite scene / moment in the show?
There are so many! I love meeting Becky again-right at the top of the play. She is such a tidal wave of energy and naughtiness. It's fun to watch, to be around, to play off of. Sara is a delight!

This is your last show before moving to Pennsylvania, does that put more pressure or less pressure on your performance? Any other thoughts to share about moving? Do you hope to continue acting in Pennsylvania?
No. Acting is always pressure filled! I am always nervous no matter what show it is. I am looking forward to our move east. Kathy (my wife) and I love Lancaster. We've bought this 1880's row house with three floors. It's outrageous, impractical and so much fun. I cannot wait. I will miss Milwaukee and most of all Pius XI High School, where I have found a home and a family. I hope to act some but I really want to work less and be with family more. Does that make me lazy?

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? (If not, would you consider it? If yes, would you recommend it?)
I have walked a labyrinth at Pius XI in the chapel and also one in China! The Chinese labyrinth was carved from these bushes and located in Beijing. I would suggest everyone try it at least once. As Sterling says, "See how it hits you."

Be sure to see Peter’s final Milwaukee performance in “Slowgirl” playing now through March 20th

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