Thursday, April 9, 2015

An interview with Bertie

Chris Klopatek returns to the character of Bertie Wooster after performing the role in the first play in the trilogy, JEEVES INTERVENES (2010). We asked Chris a few questions about his experience playing Bertie this time around.

You played Bertie Wooster in JEEVES INTERVENES. Tell us a bit about Bertie. What is it like revisiting a character you’ve previously played?

Bertie is a very rich English gentleman who enjoys a life of luxury and the pleasantries of being a carefree bachelor - all of which is usually thrown askew to his dismay by his family and friends.

Revisiting a character is something I don't always get a chance to do in theater, and when the opportunity arises I will always be pleasantly surprised. Having spent the years in between the two JEEVES shows doing many other types of acting, including receiving my MFA in Acting from UC-Irvine, I find I approach any role now with more maturity and experience. Even if the character of Bertie has very little of those. I basically hope to bring a more nuanced and complex version of Bertie Wooster to the stage this time around. 

Briefly list the three best things about JEEVES TAKES A BOW.

1. It will be fun and laughs the whole way through.

2. There will be silly stage fights! Chase Stoeger chasing people and people chasing Chase! Musical Numbers and more!

3. Matt Daniel's Jeeves always has a cocktail ready just when my nerves are at their breaking point.

L-R: Rick Pendzich, Chris Klopatek and Allison Mary Forbes in

Anything else you’d like to share with readers about the show, rehearsals, etc.?

We have the best rehearsal snack table in the biz.

What are some of your favorite moments in theatre that make you who you are today?

Acting in theater makes you into a more genuine, attentive and adaptable person.

Thanks Chris! We can't wait for JEEVES TAKES A BOW, April 16 - May 3.

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