Friday, February 28, 2014

A #1 rating, An Article about Lori Matthews, and Another Round of Reviews

We're #1 in Milwaukee Magazine's World Premiere Weekend
"Why? Because MCT’s Monty Davis Play Development series has brought some great Wisconsin voices to the stage, nurturing and staging premieres by state playwrights."

 A Flair for the Dramatic
Connect Stoughton's article about the playwright of October, Before I Was Born, Lori Matthews.

Waukesha Freeman
"The set design by Charles J. Trieloff II is detailed and authentic, and the costumes by Andrea Bouck reflect the contrast between Anne and the family she married into."

Tom Strini Writes
"The most important thing happens among and within Martha, April and even hapless Houston. They've all come to know one another and themselves a little better as they passed through the ordeal. They've become a little stronger. They know that whatever the news, they can handle it.
Best of all, Matthews doesn't make them say it. No noble speeches in this play. Anne and Martha simply stand together on the porch and gaze stoically toward the headlights. They will endure."

 Broadway World
"C. Michael Wright's direction mingled with Matthews's script allows the audience no comfort in a tidy conclusion when the palpable uncertainty to these mass human tragedies comes alive on stage. What does one do during these horrific events? Just listen or stare at the pictures on a media screen, especially in the 21st century, where destruction can be endlessly paraded before an audience?"

Wisconsin Gazette
"Much of the play’s success has to do with the emotions Matthews brought to the writing process, which helped her to deal with the deaths of her parents, even though neither of them were harmed in the blast."

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