Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Experience in Collaborating with Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

As a collaborative participant in William Inge's Bus Stop, serving as Assistant Director and Understudy to Bo, I can wholeheartedly compare this experience to the adventure of a lifetime! As you may know, Bus Stop is a collaborative project between the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and Milwaukee Chamber Theatre. Having the opportunity to observe, analyze, and join in on the magic that happens behind the scenes has been both an extreme pleasure and insightfully invaluable learning experience. From the rehearsal hall to the Cabot Theater stage, we have shared sentimental moments, boisterous periods of laughter, and exciting days of innovative discovery. Each and every day contained a fresh, new kind of energy, which motivated the actors to find something new and appealing to incorporate into their individual characters!

The behind-the-scenes process has been nothing short of an imaginative thrill-ride! Each artist involved demonstrated their sense of establishment, creative ingenuity, and full-fledged professionalism!

In working with Chamber professionals, I have observed Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's mission in practice. Sitting in on rehearsals, I have analyzed the artistic excellence and literary empowerment Chamber installs within its practitioners. Intriguing still, MCT's mission to its artists compliments that of UW-Parkside's mission and dedication to its theatre students, which deems this partnership a match made in heaven! Furthermore, the amount of passion, dedication, and commitment each individual has contributed to this project has been incredible! Together, each collaborating cast and crew member has entrusted this project with a vast amount of creative power and ingenuity. The passionate energy, combined with the acting power and love for the Theatre from each involved participant, has been a pleasure to witness, and will produce an explosive product on stage!

~Bobby Johnson

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